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Company Description

Serving the transportation industry with quality products and services since 1955. STTC’s commitment to manufacturing quality retreads and providing predictable and reliable services has been the foundation of our success. This strong foundation comes from our highly trained employees who understand the meaning of customer satisfaction and know their responsibility to achieve our commitment. This is keeping our word.

Customer commitment goes beyond providing the highest-quality retreads or most reliable service. STTC’s customer commitment is to provide solutions and information to allow our customers to make confident business decisions on how to increase vehicle uptime, increase vehicle utilization, and increase tire durability.

Farming equipment and transport vehicles run as hard as the people who operate them. To ensure that our agricultural customers keep moving day and night, STTC offers a variety of products and services designed specifically for the unique needs of the farming industry. We provide farming equipment users across America with world-class new tires from Michelin, BKT, and Alliance. Each new agricultural equipment tire STTC sells comes with a manufacturer warranty. Since STTC is a direct supplier of the tire brands we sell, we process all warranty claims directly with the tire manufacturer. STTC helps you get the job done right.

STTC offers a comprehensive agricultural equipment tire repair and maintenance program. Repair and maintenance services include:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service: If you find yourself in need of emergency service, your solution is one phone call away! Simply call 1-800-864-TIRE (8473) and STTC’s entire service network is at your fingertips. Emergency service is guaranteed within two hours of your call—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, nationwide.
  • Preventative Service: STTC’s preventative service program ensures proper tire PSI, tire mating, and tire rotations before equipment has to move. Performed by a staff of highly skilled certified technicians, preventative service is available 24/7/365.
  • Flat Repairs: STTC can ensure that you stop losing money due to improper flat repair with highly effective “plug and patch” and “section” repairs
  • Flatproofing: Pumped into the tire through the valve stem, a liquid calcium chloride fill replaces all of the air in the tire and cures into a synthetic core that completely eliminates faults. Calcium chloride provides a number of benefits including:
    • Increased traction
    • Increased drawbar pull
    • Longer tire and tractor life
    • Increased fuel efficiency

STTC’s tire repair and maintenance programs are custom-designed to the exact needs of our agricultural customers.

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