Company Description

NACHURS® brand liquid fertilizers offer a variety of products for flexible applications including in-furrow, banded, fertigation, strip-till/side-dress, and foliar. NACHURS products are an important part of a complete fertilizer program. NACHURS features the patented  Bio-K® system line of products. It is a premium source of potassium fertilizer combined with a natural plant metabolite; the most effective and efficient source of potassium. Using  Bio-K® system technology results in quicker germination, improved root development, and an elevated abiotic stress tolerance; leading to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth, and higher yields.

NACHURS boasts seven production plants and multiple terminals located across North America to help serve the nutrient needs of growers from coast to coast:

  • Marion, Ohio USA - CORPORATE
  • Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan Canada
  • Corydon, Indiana USA
  • Garretson, South Dakota USA
  • New Hamburg, Ontario Canada
  • Red Oak, Iowa USA
  • St. Gabriel, Louisiana USA

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