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Energize Delaware Farm Program


Energize Delaware Farm Program

Karl Johnson and Janet Metz
500 W. Lockerman St.
Suite 400
Dover, DE 19904
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Phone Number (800) 732-1399
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Planning an equipment upgrade on your farm? Or perhaps you'd simply like to reduce your energy expenses and save more money every year? The Energize Delaware Farm Program offers cash incentives for energy efficient equipment covering 30-40% of your project cost, along with 2% fixed low-interest loans and a host of other resources to help your farm save money on energy costs. Incentives can be combined with other programs such as NRCS EQIP to maximize your incentive. Join your neighbors who ahev already received tens of thousands of dollars incentive funds and are going to be reaping savings for years to come. This program is available for a limited time, so call now to reserve your place and begin putting more money in your pocket. Call EnSave at (800) 732-1399 to speak with a program representative.

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